‘Artistic Visions of the Hereafter’ @ Kaviar Forge & Gallery

Through Sept. 17

Kaviar Forge & Gallery
1718 Frankfort Ave.561-0377

Opposable thumbs, speech, our ability to accessorize — there are many arguments for what sets us apart from animals. The Kaviar Gallery’s latest exhibit proposes that it is not poetry or Prada that make us unique, but the remembrance of loved ones who have died. “Monuments, Benches and Urns: Artistic Visions of the Hereafter” features eight local artists’ interpretations of memorial art, demonstrating what gallery manager Megan Feil calls “the possibilities sculpture has to express remembrance, consolation, reconciliation, and deep familial love.” The diverse pieces range from the intimate to the religious: the benevolent bust of “St. Francis” (Guy Tedesco), a stone couple curved into a permanent embrace (“Together,” Don Lawler), an ash-filled beaker topped by a prophetic bronze bust and graceful wings (“Urn of an Unknown,” Robert Graf). Kaviar himself contributes a sturdy metal cross, which stoically oversees a snowy graveyard in defiance of the elements. —Jennifer Harlan

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