‘STIRRING’ @ The 930

Through Sept. 12

The 930
930 Mary St. • 338-5857

You can stir cream into your coffee, but how do you stir art? Don’t have to — it stirs you. The premise of “STIRRING” is to make us think. Denise Burge’s series “Procession of the Great Destroyer” features that hell-in-a-hand-basket feeling that was the 2004 presidential election. Putting all that emotion into a quilt, she combined politics with biblical narrative to produce an apocalyptic story. You can’t miss Matt Dobson’s work on size alone. In his installation, we’re privy to the conversations of plywood people, saying such things as, “You should keep going.” And Dominic Guarnaschelli’s “Canon” series is a set of science book covers with the text removed. It’s no longer a debate over evolution and intelligent design, it’s now just design. —Jo Anne Triplett

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