‘Dracula’ @ Actors Theatre

Through Oct. 30

Actors Theatre of Louisville
316 W. Main St. • 584-1205
$37+; various times

Louisville is a city that likes to feel a little freaked out. We hold our annual parade of walking dead and our apocryphal goat-men close; we fright-night and ghost-run like it’s our job. So it’s only fitting that Actors Theatre would bring us “Dracula” every fall when the leaves burn orange and the shadows begin slowly to lengthen. Over the years, veteran actor and director Bill McNulty has tweaked the horror classic into a truly original production — fast-paced enough to keep the blood pumping but as suspenseful as any contemporary slasher flick. In this production, Dracula’s not your “True Blood” boyfriend; he’s a monster set loose on an unsuspecting waterfront town. Hey, some things are timeless — velvet capes, swooning virgins and a slavering, blood-sucking demon straight out of your worst nightmares. Unwrap your garlic candies before curtain, please. —Erin Keane

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