Shih Chieh Huang & Mickey Smith @ LOT Gallery

Through Oct. 23

Land of Tomorrow Gallery
233 W. Broadway

Last week, two very different exhibitions opened up at the Land of Tomorrow Gallery, but both use familiar items in compelling ways. In “Luminosity,” Shih Chieh Huang’s larger-than-life sculptures catch the eye with colored lights and biomorphic movements that gently fade into one another, giving the illusion of walking through coral reef, or some other colorful, dreamy place. Look closer, though, and the materials are mundane and controlled by electricity — signifying the contrast between the infinite human imagination and commonplace objects. Mickey Smith’s “Tell You What” examines books — specifically, those old, pleasant-smelling academic tomes that can be found slumped on university library shelves and in the homes of grandparents or studious hipsters. Smith’s photographs and installations comment on the changing role of these massive volumes. —Jane Mattingly

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