UnFair @ Magnolia Bar & Grill

Sept. 30-Oct. 2

Magnolia Bar & Grill
1398 S. Second St. • 637-9052

It’s the first weekend in October, which means it’s time for the St. James Court Art Show knock-off, the UnFair. Since LEO readers just voted the event third best art fair, I probably shouldn’t bore you with details like how it’s not officially affiliated with St. James, or that it was established over a decade ago to counter the droves of out-of-towners willing and able to pay high booth-fees, or that it’s a (nearly) free DIY renegade version for local artists only. At this point, most of the affiliated artists are UnFair veterans. It’s a close-knit, snarky bunch, braving whatever weird weather Louisville throws their way in the hopes of catching the eye of fringe art buyers while shocking a few gawkers there to buy yard art. So what’s new this year? Along with the standard crew, I hear there are two new artists participating, and … wait for it … they paved the backyard at the Mag Bar. —Britany Baker

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