‘An Evening with Poe’ @ Frazier History Museum

Oct. 26-27, Nov. 1-3

Frazier History Museum
829 W. Main St. • 753-5663
$15; 7:30 p.m.

If you visit Edgar Allan Poe’s gravesite in Baltimore, you’ll likely find a bottle of cognac and a few long-stem roses. Poe’s life was as dark and mysterious as his poetry and short stories. Known as the father of the modern detective story, Poe only lived a mere 40 years, but his stories continue to haunt fans and English majors alike. The Frazier History Museum is paying tribute to Poe with a live stage show featuring dramatic interpretations of his most famous works. There will be five tales in all, including the live, original “Pit and the Pendulum” score by Chicago artist Charlie Universe. —Sara Havens

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