‘Our Unspoken Word(s)’ @ Rudyard Kipling

Monday, Nov. 28

The Rudyard Kipling
422 W. Oak St. • 636-1311
Free; 8 p.m.

Every year, Actors Theatre of Louisville welcomes a new crop of apprentices and interns. You’ve seen them on stage as dancing elves and moving sets between scenes, or running through the lobby on some important mission before the show, but the A/I company takes center stage several times throughout the season. “Our Unspoken Word(s)” is the third installment in a series of workshop ensemble productions written and performed by the apprentices and interns. The seven acting apprentices behind “Our Unspoken Word(s),” which will explore an average day of a group of high school students dealing with issues like body image, sexuality, family troubles and more, call themselves R.A.W.R. (Raising Awareness, Writing Reality) and have incorporated the heightened language of poetry into the visceral immediacy of live theater. Sounds like the kids are all right. —Erin Keane

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