‘Airway to Heaven’ by Kyle Fokken @ Garner Narrative

Through Dec. 23

Garner Narrative
642 E. Market St.
• 641-8086

This exhibition is Toys R Us for artists. Kyle Fokken’s mixed-media sculptures, although inspired by toys, have a message. He asks the viewers to add “re-examine” (our belief system) to the green slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle.” “My work is based on a love of antique toys as viewed from a modern perspective,” Fokken says. “I’m not a junk sculptor, because my focus is not on the found object itself, but on how I can use objects to fulfill my vision. I employ this technique as a metaphor implying the bond between generations ‘making do’ with available materials and the cultural legacy of values and ideals … to emphasize that these beliefs have been long-established, but are decayed and in need of renewal or examination.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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