Dayton Castleman @ The 930

Through Jan. 1

The 930
930 Mary St. • 338-3857

Among Dayton Castleman’s many impressive titles such as multi-modal artist, writer, educator and curator, “choreographer” instantly jumped out at me. While we won’t be seeing any of Castleman’s dance work this time, (though please do take a peek at some on his website), his impressive mixed-media sculptures in his “Rabbit Trails” exhibition demonstrate his understanding of movement and his eclectic perception of his environment. Whether it’s a traditional painting on canvas or a majestic sculpture made with materials like cardboard, wood, fabric, rhinestones, pipe or a paper shredder, his work isn’t limited to specific genres, and the statements his work makes might be humorous, deeply psychological, or both. Holding an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Castleman’s work has been exhibited all across the United States and Europe. —Jane Mattingly

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