‘As Above, So Below’ @ Swanson Contemporary

Through Dec. 31

Swanson Contemporary
638 E. Market St. • 589-5466

The mystical words of “as above, so below” is a phrase simplifying the microcosm and its counterpart, the macrocosm. It’s not us against the world but the opposite; we are connected to the larger universe. Life 101 — understand yourself and you will begin to understand others and the things around you. It’s a statement readymade for a two-person exhibition, with Shawna Khalily and Monique Motiff up to the task. Prints by Khalily carved from wood represent the macrocosm, with dioramas and paintings by Motiff focusing on the microcosmic. “Making pictures for me is the best way I know to live through the most human questions,” Khalily says, “the intensity, the curiosity and confusion and amazement about the essence of hearts, and of purely being.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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