Big Hang @ Zanzabar

Thursday, Dec. 22

2100 S. Preston St. • 635-9227
$5; 9 p.m.

Sure, you can also see Big Hang on Friday night at ZaZoo’s, pairing the self-described “premiere Elvis Presley tribute band” with Johnny C“ash”er (aka Johnny Asher, a Johnny Cash tribute act). But a night with the faux-King local super group and their early rock kindred spirits, The Ladybirds, is a special kind of fun. Yes, Friday night’s better for a dinner of peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches followed by hip-shaking dance floor moves, but you’d have to be mighty thick to miss out on this inspired coupling. Big Hang brings together members of Adventure, Bad Blood and Six White Horses, rockers who favor early ’70s Elvis. Word on the street is that the night might also feature a performance by a “dirty” Buck Owens tribute band, Suck Blowens & the Fuckaroos. So put that in your hee-haw. —Peter Berkowitz

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