‘Roast of Jesus’ @ The Bard’s Town

Friday, Dec. 23

The Bard’s Town
1801 Bardstown Road
$3; 9:30 p.m.

If your holiday season has been too nice, if it needs a little heresy or hardy insults to make it all feel festive, then The Bard’s Town and the “Young, Dumb, and Full of Comedy” crew have a very special performance you can’t miss. That’s right, folks, they’re having a “Roast of Jesus.” The show will feature many comics who regularly perform on the Young, Dumb, and Full of Comedy stage: comedians like Will Hardesty, Raanan Hershberg, Lindsay Boling and “Connoisseur of Crass” Mike Chandler. Jesus will be there while a dais comprised of his closest friends insult one another the way only truly holy folks can. And I have no doubt that when the lights go up, everyone in attendance just might want to go find some churchin’. —Brent Owen

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