Under $50 Art Sale @ Liberty Tattoo and Art Parlor

Through Dec. 30

Liberty Tattoo and Art Parlor
2801 S. Third St. • 637-4777

For all you procrastinators out there — and for anyone like me who avoids St. Matthews during the month of December — it’s not time to panic … yet. You can still get great gifts without standing in line for an hour. Check out Liberty Tattoo and Art Parlor’s “Under $50 Art Sale,” which continues till the end of the month. As art gets bought, more art goes up on the wall. More than 30 artists are participating, and works include paintings, assemblage, pottery, sculpture, glasswork, screen-printing and more. You never know what you might find — for instance, check out Corie Cole’s “St. Reagan” ornament pictured above. Awesome. —Sara Havens

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