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In order to ignite change in the Fund for the Arts, a group of concerned members of the community have drawn up a list for the Fund. These requests were shared with Acting President and CEO Barbara Sexton-Smith. Receptive to the ideas presented and eager to gain community support of the Fund, Sexton-Smith later agreed to discuss these issues in a public forum, “Fund for the Arts: 10 Things to Change.” This event will be held at the Louisville Visual Art Association, 3005 River Rd., 896-2146, on Thursday, Jan. 12 from 6-8 p.m. Free to the public but reservations are requested.

Amongst the improvements called for are:

  • Transparent records and open meetings
  • Equitable opportunities and funding for all arts groups, including the visual arts
  • Support for avant-garde, experimental, and non-traditional artists
  • A diversified board to reflect constituency including, artists, art administrators, business and community leaders
  • A push for our press to have arts and culture critics
  • Routine “town-hall” meetings to take the pulse of folks who create and consume the arts

A final list of questions to be addressed by Sexton-Smith during the Forum will be culled from the field of questions/feedback provided from the community prior to the event. Please email your specific question to by Tuesday, Jan 10, 5 p.m. deadline (put “public forum” in the subject line). If time does not allow for each of the submitted inquiries to be addressed during Public Forum, LVAA will provide a copy of your question to Sexton-Smith and encourage Fund for the Arts to respond to your question via email reply to your email address.

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