‘Visions of Lewis and Clark’ @ KMAC

Through Jan. 14

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
715 W. Main St. • 589-0102

I like it when two seemingly different ideas come together, although I still can’t wrap my head around Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered potato chips. I wouldn’t have put “Lewis and Clark” and “kites” in the same sentence, let alone make an exhibition based on the concept, but it works. Curator Terry Zee Lee asked artists to design kites based on Lewis and Clark’s expedition journals. The 25-plus kites are now the first theme-based kite collection. “I am continually amazed at how kites can be used as an art medium, reflecting not only color, shape and design, but also interpreting history,” she says. “They can be taken outside into their natural element and flown, and they take on a radiance that only appears when they are flying high in the sky.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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