KFTC benefit @ Brown Theatre

Jim James

Thursday, Dec. 29

Brown Theatre
315 W. Broadway • 562-0191
$35; 7 p.m.

Do you love politely charming music but hate mountaintop removal? Regional music favs Jim James, Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore and Moore’s newest Ol Kentuck Records signing, skilled pianist Daniel Joseph Dorff, join authors Silas House and Jason Howard in trying to get your money put toward Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. The now-30-year-old statewide, non-partisan, member-run social justice organization works toward building “new economic power for coal mining communities by promoting a transition to new and clean energy jobs,” as well as throwing killer parties. Moore says, “I support and love KFTC because they do the work of good neighbors and good citizens … KFTC is a beacon of light.” They list their priorities as Appalachian Transition, Energy Reform, Restoration of Voting Rights for Former Felons, and Tax Reform, so if you’re ready to switch over from a Tea Party to a Patchouli Party, this is your night. —Peter Berkowitz

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