‘Daily Paintings’ by Claudia Hammer @ Zurkuhlen Gallery

Through March 1

Christy Zurkuhlen Gallery and Studio
Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center
1860 Mellwood Ave. • 777-1794

This is about persistence and second chances. Christy Zurkuhlen had a gallery/studio in Brownsboro Center that she closed. She’s now resurfaced in the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center with a small gallery in the courtyard. She’s chosen a great way to say “I’m back” with an exhibition of Claudia Hammer’s “Daily Paintings.” Many of the 32 paintings are as small as 6 inches square. Jewelry by Zurkuhlen is also on display. “I create a painting a day as a challenge,” Hammer says. “I started this series … as a daily practice and discipline in order to liberate my work … My other work takes days, weeks or months to complete one painting. The time constraint of producing a painting a day forces me to look for an essential truth.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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