‘Alter Ego’ by Anthony Goicolea @ 21c Museum

Jan. 27-July 15

21c Museum
700 W. Main St. • 217-6300

21c Museum has the largest collection of art by Cuban-American Anthony Goicolea in the USA. That’s our good fortune, for it gives us the opportunity to hear Goicolea speak in Louisville as part of the exhibition “Alter Ego.” The show of installations and photography is a collaborative effort of the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Telfair Museums and 21c. Because we live where we live, we get a bonus: 21c has added works not shown at NCMA and Telfair, resulting in 37 of the 62 works on display belonging to 21c. Goicolea will be doing an artist talk and dinner on Saturday, Jan. 28. The talk at 6 p.m. is free and open to the public. The dinner by Proof is at 7 p.m.; cost is $85 with reservations required. —Jo Anne Triplett

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