‘The Roast of Abraham Lincoln’ @ The Bard’s Town

Friday, Feb. 17

The Bard’s Town
1801 Bardstown Road • 749-5275
$8; 10 p.m.

First they roasted Jesus Christ, the savior of all mankind, in front of a sold-out crowd. But this time, the roastee might be even more controversial than the last — the savior of The Union. In honor of President’s Day, the Young, Dumb and Full of Comedy crew is taking on Honest Abe with “The Roast of Abraham Lincoln.” Hosted once again by Will Hardesty, the dais will be comprised of Mike Chandler, Brad Lanning and many other local comedians who have graced TYDFC stage before. Will they touch on the taboo? One can certainly hope. The material is ripe — an ugly wife, a string of dead children, racial tension, assassination, and rumors of homosexuality … this roast is guaranteed to memorialize our 16th president in a way that few have ever been memorialized before. —Brent Owen

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