Children of Bodom @ Expo Five

Friday, Feb. 24

Expo Five
2900 S. Seventh St. • 636-3532
$20 adv., $22 DOS; 6:30 p.m.

Children of Bodom are facing the bitter side effects of success in heavy metal. Having stripped down their sound the last few years, they’ve gained a wider audience yet lost many longtime fans along the way. This shift was wisely addressed in last year’s Reckless, Relentless, Forever, which recaptured some of their past glory, buzzing with a freshness that’s hard to find by a band’s seventh full-length. Music this technical can easily become butchered live. Luckily, Alex Laiho plays flawlessly, appearing zen-like as his fingers become a blur amidst hyper-shred devotion while screaming lead vocals — a true talent. Joining them are technical thrash fiends Revocation, whose live rage and other-worldly solos will leave your jaw dropped and stomped on. A show of involuntary headbanging awaits, guaranteed to cause a bangover, though probably a non-sexual one. —Austin Weber

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