‘75th Anniversary of the 1937 Flood’ @ U of L

Through March 9

Photographic Archives
U of L’s Ekstrom Library • 852-6752

The 1937 flood of the Ohio River was one of the largest floods in American history, with Louisville getting the brunt of it. Margaret Bourke-White was sent here by Life magazine to photograph the devastation. Louisvillian Corwin Short, in turn, photographed Bourke-White at work. The resulting images are great behind-the-scenes-of-behind-the-scenes (wonder if anyone was photographing Short?). “Short had his cameras with him, taking pictures of Bourke-White at work and recording scenes of the flood for himself as well,” says photo wrangler Bill Carner. “These pictures often had Short’s wry comments written on the backs.” The exhibit “75th Anniversary of the 1937 Flood” has images from the Photographic Archives, with others from Getty Images, including the famous photograph she took at 13th and Broadway of flood victims in a food line. —Jo Anne Triplett

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