‘90 Minutes of Pride’ @ Comedy Caravan

Jacob Mudd

Tuesday, March 20

Comedy Caravan
1250 Bardstown Road
$10; 8 p.m.

In a world where right-wing blowhards are telling you, “You’re not OK,” Comedy Caravan is stepping up to say, “You are OK.” This Tuesday brings the launch of “90 Minutes of Pride,” a monthly variety show that aims to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness within the human spirit. And some of the hottest acts in the region will be on hand telling jokes, singing and playing crowd games not just this week, but at every subsequent “90 Minutes of Pride” show from here on out. Come out and celebrate with host Jacob Mudd and the funniest people around. Lynn Nowak, Lyle James, Janelle Fitzpatrick, Brian Million and Lindsay Boling will serve to remind the world that a little bit different never means wrong. —Brent Owen

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