‘Night Music’ by Jeffrey & Laura Skinner @ PYRO Gallery

Through April 8

PYRO Gallery
624 W. Main St. • 587-0106


Fathers go to great lengths to connect with their daughters, all in an attempt to sustain a bond that stands through time. For Jeffrey Skinner, his love of photography was an obvious choice when he looked for an activity to share with his daughter. As Laura Skinner came into her own as a photographer, earning an MFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design, dear ol’ dad gushed with pride. After previously abandoning photography to focus on those silly responsibilities of work and parenting, Dad once again picked up his camera and went to work, shooting images at night, focused on inanimate objects, allowing light to show a portion of the subject. Laura also displays night photos, yet shows women lit by the light of a cell phone — a technique that brings technological nuance to a traditional profession. —Allison Ray

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