Tiger & Woods @ Zanzabar

Thursday, March 29

2100 S. Preston St. • 635-9227
$5; 9 p.m.

The mysterious duo of Larry Tiger and David Woods (sure, guys) are DJs from Europe who insist on cultivating an air of complete mystery (see their official press photo above) — it’s, like, their thing. And now they’re coming to totally funk up your local arcade game-filled tavern. So mad props to bookers and openers OK Deejays for setting this up, as Tiger & Woods aren’t spreading their “future boogie” sounds across too many of our cities yet. Upon the release of their 80-minute debut album Through the Green last summer, Pitchfork praised, “The music is inherently social and gregarious; it’s music that makes me want to be around people because it feels so generous.” Feel free to download new collection Wiki & Leaks on Soundcloud now. —Peter Berkowitz

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