Joe Rogan @ The Improv

March 30-April 1

The Improv
Fourth Street Live • 581-1332
$25; various times

Joe Rogan has been to comedy hell and back. He rocked major network shows like “News Radio” and “Fear Factor,” as well as cable fodder — whether commentating for UFC or stuffing the empty jerseys left by Adam Carrolla and Jimmy Kimmel on “The Man Show.” His career stalled after he posted a series of web videos where he called out other comedians for stealing material; the backlash from his peers was severe. Then he wrote and recorded Shiny Happy Jihad, one of the best reviewed comedy albums of the past decade, and launched his smash podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” After a Faustian journey that would make even Dante blush, Rogan will bring his show to The Improv this weekend. Be sure to catch him before he takes another swan dive into the lake of fire. —Brent Owen

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