‘Drawing Together’ @ Firehouse Gallery

April 6-May 12

Firehouse Gallery
221 S. Hancock St. • 298-2110

Thursday mornings are interesting at The Café, with tables pushed together, loud laughter and plenty of eggs broken. That’s when a group of visual artists get together to, as participant Keith Kleespies says, “talk art issues and network information — we’ve been doing this for 17 years.” A few exhibitions have come out of the camaraderie, including an infamous one: “Baloney!” in 2010. In response to the Speed Art Museum’s call for art to benefit their programs, this “breakfast club” created pieces out of baloney in protest of the time-honored practice of asking artists for donations. So their group show, “Drawing Together,” is special because it’s rare. But it also features some of our town’s best, including but certainly not limited to Ann Stewart Anderson, Tom Pfannerstill and C.J. Pressma. —Jo Anne Triplett 

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