James McMurtry @ KCD Theatre

Saturday, April 21

KCD Theatre
4100 Springdale Road • 432-0440
$20+; 8 p.m.

James McMurtry is a singer-songwriter from Texas renowned for his ability to lyrically capture the depth and breadth of any situation. His capacity for arranging words was passed down to him from his parents — his mother was an English teacher, his father a novelist. His storytelling style, in which he assumes a character’s identity for the duration of a longish song, stems from brief stints as an actor in his younger years. On two albums, McMurtry collaborates with his baritone sax-playing son, who is “tough to work with, because he knows a little bit more about what he’s doing than I do,” he jokes. McMurtry is often heard on Kentucky airwaves, notably as a perennial favorite of WFPK, and McMurtry and backing band The Heartless Bastards are established regular performers at The Continental Club in their Austin hometown. —Simon Isham

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