Tale of the Horse Drink Contest @ Varanese

Monday, April 23

2106 Frankfort Ave.
Free; 5 p.m.

For the first time ever bartenders from the Greater Louisville area will have the opportunity to hop in the saddle this evening for a chance to show their mixology skills by creating their own version of a legendary “post-Derby 2012″ drink to live on for generations to come.

MyDerbyLove.com is sponsoring this inaugural ”Tale of the Horse” Drink Contest to find the most delicious day after Derby ’12 cocktail to bring its consumer back into a more energized, yet relaxed, state having survived weeks of Derby activities, parties, wins and losses. No matter what someone’s Derby tale, this cocktail should possess the power to make its drinker sigh with sweet Derby memories from the moment of first sip to its signature finish.

Tonight’s line-up includes bartenders from Against the Grain, Anchor Inn, Bourbons Bistro, Dark Star, Marketplace at Theater Square, Varanese and Volare restaurants.

Mixology and presentation skills will be judged “blind” by a panel of judges from the media and culinary community who will not know what restaurant’s entry they are tasting. There are no restrictions on what brand or type of liquor that can be used so competing cocktails have no limits in terms of creativity for hopefuls from the hospitality industry.

Win – Place –  Show!  First prize will be $500. for the winning “Tale of the Horse” cocktail. Second place winner will receive $200. and third place will receive a $50. gift certificate to Varanese.

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