Dry the River @ Uncle Slayton’s

Wednesday, May 23

Uncle Slayton’s
1017 E. Broadway • 657-9555
$5; 8:30 p.m.

In the UK, new buzz bands are hyped every day, and lately, everyone wants to find the new Mumford & Sons. Though Dry the River can’t seem to find their way into a write-up that doesn’t compare them to the British bluegrass pretenders, DTR is much more clearly in the Arcade Fire/U2/Coldplay zone where everything is always big and orchestral and emotional all the time, and irony is saved for photo shoots. Their new album, Shallow Bed, sounds more like a late-’80s grunge title, but this ain’t Tad. In a brief but funny exchange, posted at bluecat.leoweekly.com, guitarist Matt Taylor answered my question about which one of them smelled best: “I do. Me or Jonny. We shower at least twice a day. Never together. Sometimes at the same time. Not together.” —Peter Berkowitz

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