‘Plastique Expectations’ @ Garner Narrative

Through June 30

Garner Narrative
642 E. Market St. • 641-8086

Prior to the feminist art movement of the 1970s, it was hard to find images of pregnancy other than those featuring the Virgin Mary. It’s fair game now, and many express their personal journey through art. One such artist is Jennifer Romita; she’s taken pregnancy back to its beginning — fertility. “I had never given fertility much thought outside of the family planning aisle at the local pharmacy,” says Romita. “So when I lost my first pregnancy to early miscarriage … and failed to conceive in the many difficult months that followed, I began to suspect infertility. My doctor discovered my second pregnancy during a routine appointment only a short time later. To say it was unexpected would be understating my shock, and I was sorely unprepared for the identity crisis that followed.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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