‘Water, Precious Water’ @ Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center

Through Sept. 4

Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center
1860 Mellwood Ave. • 895-3650

Catherine Bryant’s love of plein air painting is the reason behind her solo exhibition “Water, Precious Water.” While it obviously centers on bodies of water, including the Ohio River, it is the beauty of the landscape in Kentucky and Southern Indiana that inspires her. To recognize a Bryant painting, look for strong, bright color, vivid brushstrokes and the aforementioned nature, including animals (although her trompe l’oeil/faux finish work is awe inspiring). She’s said that plein air painting has shown her “how to quickly simplify (my) composition and ensure proper color acuity before the light changes,” giving her something to experiment with when she chooses to paint indoors. Bryant’s opening reception is during the July 27 FAT Friday Trolley Hop from 6-9 p.m. —Jo Anne Triplett

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