Rock Around Louisville Clock @ Theater Square

Friday, Aug. 24

Theater Square
Free; 5-7 p.m.

At the original dedication of the Louisville Clock in December 1976, a crowd of nearly 3,000 converged on Fourth Street to witness its maiden race. The massive masterpiece, with its tilted track and caricatured contestants, soon became the whimsical symbol for Derby City, a joyful toy in the cradle of mid-Southern hospitality. It also conveys the charm of its creator, sculptor Barney Bright (1927-1997). After two relocations, the mechanically challenged clock was dismantled in 1993. Since then, a vigilant village led by dessert dynamo Adam Burckle has toiled to restore the iconic timepiece. Slow and steady won this race. Rejoice in the winner’s circle at Theater Square (near Fourth and Broadway) Friday. After Mayor Greg Fischer presides over a world-class rededication of the largest folk-art clock on the planet, Louisville’s own Caribou will classically rock, roll and rule. —Steve Shaw

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