‘Bill W.’ @ Village 8 Theatres


Village 8 Theatres
4014 Dutchmans Lane
$3-$5; various times

How do you research a man who is dead and didn’t leave much behind — other than a worldwide fellowship organization known as Alcoholics Anonymous? It took documentary filmmakers Kevin Hanlon and Dan Carracino eight years to complete “Bill W.,” an in-depth look at AA co-founder Bill Wilson. Time magazine named Wilson one of the 100 Heroes and Icons of the 20th Century, but little is known about this reluctant hero, who struggled with alcoholism for 17 years and helped come up with AA’s 12-step program that continues to be implemented in groups across the globe. “Bill Wilson may be the most famous person that almost no one has ever heard of,” the directors say. “Over time, Wilson became a firm believer in the spiritual value of anonymity.” —Sara Havens

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