Bourbon Academy @ Filson Historical Society

Saturday, Sept. 29

Filson Historical Society
1310 S. Third St. • 635-5083
$100; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

As Kentuckians, we take our bourbon seriously. We know the difference between bourbon and whiskey. We know the major distillers, and we know the best way to drink it is straight — don’t even think about adding Coke. If you want to know even more about our liquid cash crop, I recommend signing up for the Filson Bourbon Academy, an eight-hour class led by the Mr. Wizard of Bourbon, Mike Veach, who is in the Bourbon Hall of Fame. A mixture of history — the evolution from farmer distiller to modern distiller, Prohibition, etc. — and tastings, the Bourbon Academy will definitely give you enough knowledge to spout out at parties throughout the next year. Trust me, you won’t fall asleep in this class. Lunch is included in the admission. —Sara Havens

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