White Mystery @ Zanzabar

Tuesday, Sept. 25

2100 S. Preston St.
$TBA; 9 p.m.

Louisville and Chicago share an underground connection through music. It has helped define our own eroded rock ’n’ roll while drawing more acts to Kentucky. White Mystery, a brother and sister guitar ’n’ drums duo from Chicago, will be refreshing our memory of that notion at Zanzabar. Fresh off the Amtrak with crunchy blues and immodest ’80s clothes, these redheads strive to rock on. They’re partnered with two doses of Louisville’s Southern-tinged hard rock: one, moderately heavy, Stagecoach Inferno, who wear fake 10-gallon hats. The more artful collective of Blackstrap Molasses will surely win you over with fiddle and angered vocal melodies. The tension will only increase with the average blood alcohol level. A night of camaraderie and intoxication awaits. —Lara Kinne

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