Steven Hagan @ Flame Run

Through Oct. 6

Flame Run at Glassworks
815 W. Market St. • 584-5353

As far as I know, the culinary arts do not include glassblowing. I suppose a chef could create the glass bowls, dishes and other pieces needed to serve the food. I just don’t want to eat the glass as the main course. Steven Hagan’s glass pieces prove me wrong. His past experience in the culinary world (his mother was a chef, and he knows his way around a kitchen, too) shows glass does have a place at the table — as art. His blown onions, eggs and fruit look downright edible. He was attracted to how similar blowing glass is to following a recipe. “When you are blowing glass, there is a step-by-step process that you have to go through to get the final product,” says Hagan. Same as in the kitchen. —Jo Anne Triplett

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