‘Local Fare’ @ Green Building Gallery

Through Nov. 2

Green Building Gallery
732 E. Market St. • 561-1162

Luscious red strawberries, delicate green cabbages, vibrant yellow squash. No, this isn’t my grocery list, or the recipe for a very colorful salad, but a few of the images featured in the Green Building Gallery’s latest exhibit, “Local Fare.” The group show, curated by Daniel Pfalzgraf, revolves around food, from its preparation and presentation to agriculture and consumption. Its goal is to explore our relationship with food and the intersection of cuisine with fine art. Local artists Ashley Stinson and Devin French contribute eye-catching photographs and sleek sculptures; however, the show is not 100-percent locavore friendly — there are works by artists from New York, Philadelphia and more. Pfalzgraf hopes the show will encourage people to take a closer look at their grub, and to explore what happens if we are, in fact, what we eat. —Jennifer Harlan

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