‘Scene on the Street’ @ Revelry Boutique-Gallery

Through Jan. 4

Revelry Boutique-Gallery
980 Barret Ave. • 414-1ART

Revelry Boutique-Gallery continues its commitment to “accessible art” with its latest exhibit, the punnily titled “Scene on the Street.” Featuring the work of Judy Rodgers, the exhibit showcases Louisville’s urban landscape, from the Highlands to Crescent Hill and the downtown corridor. Rodgers’ paintings are vivid, rich in color and bursting with evident affection for the Derby City. The bright canvases display Rodgers’ love of and pride in our local landscape, her celebration of local landmarks unabashedly sentimental. “I enjoy creating paintings that are easily understood, ones that have a pleasant effect on people,” she says. “Every art show provokes discussions of favorite landmarks, restaurants and areas of town. My artwork is a definite conversation piece!” You can certainly feel the hometown love in each vibrant piece. —Jennifer Harlan

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