‘The Art of Repoussé’ @ Kaviar Forge & Gallery

Nov. 30-March 30

Kaviar Forge & Gallery
1718 Frankfort Ave. • 561-0377

This is an art exhibition for people who like “Game of Thrones,” “Le Morte d’Arthur” and any other tale involving knights. Sculptor Craig Kaviar has created works in repoussé, the same method used by medieval blacksmiths to decorate armor. The history is in the details. Repoussé is a French phrase meaning “hammering from front and back.” The low-relief images require artists to hammer heated metal over sandbags and into molds. An example of Kaviar’s copper work is “Origin of Man: In the Eye of the Beholder,” which was featured in Expo 2005, a World’s Fair held in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 2005. More portable are the pewter address books and journals featuring a fleur de lis or animal. The opening reception is during the Nov. 30 FAT Friday Trolley Hop. —Jo Anne Triplett

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