Earthquake @ The Improv

Dec. 6-9

The Improv
Fourth Street Live
$20; various times

Earthquake is one of the funniest people on the planet. In fact, he earned his name one night, many moons ago, when he told a joke so funny the planet actually spit molten lava through its nose crust. And from that show to this one, the comedian formerly known as Nathaniel Stroman has been deemed Earthquake. (True story.) In the years since those mythological early days, Earthquake has gone on to appear all over television and radio, including “The Howard Stern Show” and HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam,” and he has earned supporting roles in comedies like “Barnyard,” “The Longshots” and “Clerks II.” Earthquake returns to Louisville this weekend at The Improv with jokes so funny they can only be judged on a Richter scale. —Brent Owen

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