Cactus Truck @ Quills

Friday, Dec. 7

930 Baxter Ave.
$5; 9 p.m.

If the name Cactus Truck doesn’t pull you in, the oddball depravity of their music will. Imagine jazz the way John Zorn offers it: raw, noisy and presented in an abstract way. Similar to his offerings, instruments often play independent of each other to interesting and sometimes confusing results. Of course, Cactus Truck are capable of more than trippy chaos, occasionally choosing to rein in spiraling madness for more cohesive moments. Cactus Truck, though a Dutch band, is a very U.S. and Japanese scene-minded group — think Naked City meets Melt-Banana, but solely instrumental. Expect a loud and disorienting experience of kaleidoscopic, mind-warping music. —Austin Weber

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