Expanded Music Project @ Land of Tomorrow

Friday, Dec. 7

Land of Tomorrow
233 W. Broadway
Free; 7 p.m.

For the second in what will hopefully be an annual event of music-meets-art shows, Louisville’s Land of Tomorrow outpost hosts an amazing collection of multimedia work. First, there’s a for-real roller disco, featuring music from none other than techno godfather Juan Atkins. There’s also punk and local-first legend Ian Mackaye’s grouping of models showing locations that were integral to his development; a visual reinterpretation of improviser Eric Lanham’s recent album The Sincere Interruption; videos and photos of the myth that is Die Antwoord; a piece of 4AD designer Vaughn Oliver’s work, including his covers for the Pixies; Saving Our Style’s nod to hip-hop; and much more. Friday is the opening reception, and the show runs through Jan. 8. —Peter Berkowitz

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