‘Top Drawer: 150 Years of Bittners’ @ Frazier History Museum

Through Jan. 1

Frazier History Museum
829 W. Main St. • 753-5663

I love old sayings like “the cat’s meow,” “bee’s knees” and “that’s top drawer,” although half the time I’m not sure what they mean. “Top drawer” referred to importance and price, as it once meant the place in a chest where jewelry and other small valuables were kept. Today the phrase is commonly used to mean high quality. “Top Drawer” discusses the heritage of German woodworker Gustav Bittner from 1854 to the present. While thought of largely as an interior design firm today, his Louisville-based company Bittners still makes custom handcrafted furniture using techniques centuries old. The exhibition shows furniture styles as varied as Empire, Victorian and Mid-Century Modern. The private furniture collections of many locals, including the late Frazier History Museum patron Owsley Brown Frazier, are featured. —Jo Anne Triplett

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