BFA Thesis Exhibition @ Hite Art Institute Galleries

Through Dec. 21

Hite Art Institute Galleries
107 Schneider Hall • 852-6794

The holiday season is upon us, a time of new beginnings as another year draws to a close. This December, U of L’s Hite Art Institute also finds itself at a point of transition, as the latest class of fine arts students prepares to venture out of the academic nest into the professional art world. The 12 students present their culminating exhibition, a collection that spans a variety of mediums and demonstrates the unique visions of these emerging artists. From sleek sculptural works to portraits of Benjamin Franklin, the works are as diverse as the students themselves. Jeff Ruemeli, one of the artists, explores natural phenomena through his mixed media work. His sculpture engages with the Schuman Resonance, a group of electromagnetic resonances created by lightning strikes in the ionosphere. Ruemeli brings a humanizing, artistic eye to this scientific phenomenon. —Jennifer Harlan

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