‘Exhibition at the End of the World’ @ Zephyr Gallery

Through Dec. 29

Zephyr Gallery
610 E. Market St. • 585-5646


If you’re reading this on Wednesday, you have two days until … what? The Mayans predicted a cycle of existence that ends on Dec. 21. With all the prophecy of doom and gloom attached to that date, Peggy Sue Howard decided it was the perfect time to have an exhibition featuring her latest paintings. Just in case, it’s best to see it while you can (it optimistically closes at the end of December). “This … solstice marks the end of the Mayan calendar,” Howard says. “The end of an era. Astrologically, the earth is exposed to the Great Rift or the Galactic Center (with) no planets or stars in the way. The Mayan calendar began 250,000 years ago. (My) new meadow paintings open windows into a past era.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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