Born of Osiris @ Vernon Club

Thursday, Dec. 20

Vernon Club
1575 Story Ave.
$10 (adv.), $12 (doors); 7 p.m.

The popularity and rabid fanbase of Born of Osiris are both born of the same fact: Their music is catchy and wisely forges their influences into a distinct sound. Best known for their perfect marriage of death metal and slick, head-banging grooves, last year’s excellent The Discovery saw a slight divergence from their formula, drifting toward something more ethereal. Enduring newcomers Littledidweknow return after a slight live hiatus, spent recording their debut album, to renew bashing your head in with glee. Plus, additional local support by IIATTATIME and They Came Bearing Arms. If you’re looking for a fix, this bill is your thrill. —Austin Weber

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