‘The Begending’ @ The Mammoth

Thursday, Dec. 20

The Mammoth
744 S. 13th St.
$5; 7 p.m.


It’s the end of the world as we know it and, well, you know the rest. Since the Mayan calendar has decreed that the earth shall cease to exist on Friday, it’s time now to max out your credit cards and empty your savings account on crap you don’t need. It’s also time to dance, drink and tell that person you’ve always had a crush on what you’ve been hiding all this time … in your pants. Where can you do all — or at least most — of those things? It’s the Louisville Artists Syndicate’s “The Begending.” Come out to the Mammoth to dance, enjoy art, listen to musical acts like D’arkestra, The Sweet Nothings and DJ Kid Grizzle, and generally get your party on. —Kevin Gibson

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