‘The Whipping Man’ @ Actors Theatre

Jan. 10-Feb. 2

Actors Theatre
316 W. Main St. • 584-1205
$30+; various times

A Jewish Confederate soldier returns home after the Civil War to find his home occupied by two of his former slaves in Matthew Lopez’s drama, part of the Brown-Forman series. “Matthew’s play is where history ends and life begins,” says associate artistic director Meredith McDonough. “I’m really interested in the untold story around events, and Lopez’s play is set in the background of an enormous moment in history. It is a very human story of what freedom means to this family, the responsibilities that come with that, and how difficult and complicated that can be.” Frankie J. Alvarez, Biko Eisen-Martin and Michael Genet will make their Actors Theatre debuts in this show. —Jane Mattingly

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