Shawna Khalily @ Arts Council of Southern Indiana

Through Jan. 25

Arts Council of Southern Indiana
820 E. Market St., New Albany
812-949-4238 •

Shawna Khalily thinks like a philosopher who just happens to express her deep thoughts by way of printmaking. Her new series of woodcuts, “The Veils are Thinning,” have the ability to inspire us to be better people. “I am very interested in ancient and current ideas about where we are going next and would like to engage in the necessary reaction to so many centuries of fear and exclusion, and to help envision and manifest … the next step in human evolution,” Khalily says. “It all begins with us, each individually. The shifts in global positioning and events are making human evolution happen now in a quantum leap unknown since prehistory … according to the … the ancient Maya and Inca cultures as well as to current researchers of consciousness and the soul.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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