Arpetrio @ Hideaway Saloon

Thursday, Jan. 17

Hideaway Saloon
1607 Bardstown Road
$7; 10:30 p.m.

Knoxville-based Arpetrio should be pronounced similarly to “arpeggio,” says Alex Mindermann of the live electronica band, which includes elements ranging from trance to dubstep. Mindermann and bandmates Wes Taylor and Trent Little perform with guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, but also with computers. They intermingle the live instruments with horn, vocal and other samples, keeping a steady BPM while improvising together. Arpetrio started as a classic-rock and jam-band cover band but were influenced by seeing bands such as Sound Tribe Sector 9 and the Disco Biscuits in concert. They have recorded three EPs and one full-length, available at Bandcamp, and they allow free downloads to grow support for their live performances. They are happy to return to Louisville and will share the stage with their friends pH Factor, whom they met at Papadosio’s Rudewire Fest. —Martin Z. Kasdan Jr. 

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